Movie Diary 1/23/2012

Margaret (Kenneth Lonergan, 2011). Who cares how this movie was made, or how long it took? What’s good is that it’s here. (full review 1/27)

Coriolanus (Ralph Fiennes, 2011). Shakespeare’s plays have a way of resurfacing when they’re needed, and Mr. Fiennes is very wise to tap this one for our moment (somebody should’ve gotten a movie done of Troilus and Cressida ’round about 2003 or so – that one was dying to be heard right then). Lots of actor’s close-ups, as you might expect, although Vanessa Redgrave demonstrates how certain actors can dominate from any distance. (full review 2/3)

The Narrow Margin (Richard Fleischer, 1951). This movie never gets tired. So much ingenuity, on many different fronts. And you’d think that nobody could find a new way to shoot on and around a train, but Fleischer does.

Unknown Pleasures (Jia Zhangke, 2002). Prepping here for an upcoming talk at the Frye, and catching up with a movie that I missed the first time around. Watching this movie, you could be forgiven for thinking the apocalypse had already happened.

We Need to Talk About Kevin (Lynne Ramsey, 2011). Maybe a little too much of the social-issue-psychology angle at loose here? But Ramsey’s extremely talented, no doubt about it, and that Tilda Swinton is pretty good too. (full review 2/3)

At What a Feeling!, a hanging curve in the form of Ron Shelton’s Bull Durham, from 1988.


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