Movie Diary 1/31/2012

Chronicle (Josh Trank, 2012). Possibly one “found footage” movie too many, although the idea of the crane shot as telekinesis has some mileage, and there are some crazy-go-nuts flying scenes that were just waiting for film to discover. (full review 2/3)

Big Miracle (Ken Kwapis, 2012). Save the whales: what’s not to like about that? Nice cast, good vibes. (full review 2/3)

T-Men and Raw Deal (Anthony Mann, 1947 and 1948). Quintessential noir material from Mann and shooter John Alton, the unusually hard edge still standing out. The two DVDs come from the same company, but T-Men‘s transfer is notably terrible.

At What a Feeling!, we reel in the years – the 1980s, to be exact – with reviews of Zalman King’s Two Moon Junction and Penny Marshall’s Big, both of which, oddly and coincidentally, hinge upon encounters at carnivals.


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  1. Here’s my full review for Chronicle, very good film in my opinion, give it a read if you fancy!

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