Movie Diary 3/12/2012

Casa de mi Padre (Matt Piedmont, 2012). A sustained goof that probably would’ve been fine as a five-minute short; and yet, weirdness of this order should not be dismissed out of hand. Plus, how daring is this: a genre parody (Latino melodrama) for an audience unfamiliar with the genre. (full review 3/16)

Torch Singer (Alexander Hall, George Somnes, 1933). Damned peculiar storyline, about unwed mother Claudette Colbert giving up her baby and catching on as a (see title). Ricardo Cortez has a nice supporting role, and David Manners does okay. This was in one of those pre-Code packages, back when you could get them as a normal DVD release thing, not via special MOD pressings which I’ll probably never see.

At What a Feeling!, we kick off a week of exotic destinations in 1980s titles. First up: Tai-Pan, a very expensive bomb from Dino De Laurentiis.


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