Movie Diary 3/14/2012

This Gun for Hire (Frank Tuttle, 1942). The furtive little hit man played by Alan Ladd trenhcoats his way into film history, in a movie that is a little too soft at its center to entirely convince; but Veronica Lake and Laird Cregar are everything you’d want, and the opening movement – a cookie, a smile, a couple of gunshots – is aces.

The FP (Brandon and Jason Trost, 2011). Major gang-war smackdown played out on a dance-off video game that looks a lot like Dance Dance Revolution, rendered in the style of a lousy Eighties movie caught on Cinemax late one night. The Trost brothers know what they’re doing. (full review 3/16)

At What a Feeling!, we travel to Argentina for a review of Eliseo Subiela’s Man Facing Southeast, a remarkable piece of mysterioso.


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