Movie Diary 3/19/2012

The Hunger Games (Gary Ross, 2012). I think this is embargoed from critics’ comments, but $(!@^+)# (*&(*@# &)@  *(#. (full review 3/23)

Somewhere in the Night (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1946). John Hodiak wandering around with amnesia, as Richard Conte flits in and out, probably wondering why he wasn’t cast in the lead instead of Hodiak (with good reason). There’s a little too much plot happening here – that is, too much attention paid to it. Is there any other movie in which a character’s name is mentioned as frequently as “Larry Cravat” is mentioned in this film?

Criss Cross (Robert Siodmak, 1949). Along with its other strengths (including the unusually vivid sketches of completely peripheral types), I like the way the Burt Lancaster and Yvonne De Carlo characters truly seem to have known each other in the past (in fact, they were married); there’s a snippiness to their conversation that conveys some co-dependency avant la lettre.

Force of Evil (Abraham Polonsky, 1948). Something I’d forgotten about this movie is that it really hurtles along with a berserk, hopped-up momentum. John Garfield glides through it with great aplomb; in fact he resembles Gene Kelly in more ways than one (visually and vocally).

At What a Feeling!, Richard Donner’s Lethal Weapon 2 is reviewed, a movie that added Joe Pesci riffs and a bomb under a toilet to its usual routine.


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