Movie Diary 3/21/2012

Boy (Taika Waititi, 2011). Goofy-sweet Kiwi offering, about an 11-year-old so hungry for fatherly presence that he leaps at the sight of his irresponsible dad (played by the director) returning to his rundown Maori community. Waititi, director of Eagle vs. Shark and a participant in the Flight of the Conchords project, makes for a highly amusing ne’er-do-well. (full review 3/23)

Undefeated (Daniel Lindsay, T.J. Martin, 2011). Well, if only I’d seen this before I did my Oscar predictions. Of course this slaughters Pina in a ballot of documentary voters; Wim Wenders never stood a chance. And it’s very effective, voter sentiment aside. (full review 3/30)

At What a Feeling!, we’ve got a review of Hugh Wilson’s Rustlers’ Rhapsody, a Western spoof that covered familiar ground but corralled some laughs anyway.


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