Movie Diary 4/9/2012

Scarlet Street (Fritz Lang, 1945). Criss-crossing patterns, repeated information, a man who works in a box – Fritz  Lang is on the case, and tightening the net. The performances by Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, and Dan Duryea are hard to top.

The House on Telegraph Hill (Robert Wise, 1951). This fairly tepid number is interesting only for taking a concentration camp as its starting point, and for the casting of live-wire Valentina Cortese in the central role. She plays a camp survivor who assumes the identity of a well-off woman claiming her inheritance in San Francisco; Richard Basehart plays the guy gaslighting her.

Marley (Peter MacDonald, 2012). A hefty documentary account of Bob Marley’s life, with some excellent footage. Of course the music’s pretty good, too. (full review 4/20)

At What a Feeling!, we reach back all the way to 1981, for a particularly unpleasant memory: the film of Beatlemania, justly forgotten today. “Not the Beatles, But an Incredible Simulation.”


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