Movie Diary 6/5/2012

The Chase (Arthur Ripley, 1946). SIFF’s “archival screening” of a restored print of this noir picture, with Robert Cummings as a down-and-out WWII vet who falls for the dreamy lady (Michele Morgan) of the sadistic gangster (Steve Cochran) he works for. An extremely effective movie, with Cummings erasing his natural ability to charm, Peter Lorre slurring out sarcastic comments, and Cochran genuinely creepy. A very strong, no-exit kind of noir dourness at play.

Hysteria (Tanya Wexler, 2011). The purported invention of the vibrator in 1880s, supported by a bunch of good people such as Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jonathan Pryce. On a continuum, if such a continuum exists, between Shakespeare in Love and The Full Monty. (full review 6/15)

At What a Feeling!, more Eighties sci-fi, with a vintage review of Tobe Hooper’s Invaders from Mars.

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