Movie Diary 7/2/2012

Savages (Oliver Stone, 2012). In case you don’t pick up the meaning of the title, it is mentioned a few times. Be it known that Stone is still Stone, and there’s something reassuring about that. (full review 7/6)

At What a Feeling!, another week of Eighties movies begins with a review of Beer, a deservedly forgotten satire from 1985.


One Response

  1. I know that your review of the new Spiderman movie isn’t included here, but i thought i would address one part of it, if you don’t mind. Regarding Emma Stone’s character, it seems that the actress’s real hair color is blond. Supposedly, Judd Apatow asked her to change the color for Superbad, and she liked it so much that she stuck to it for awhile. Gwen Stacy was a blond in the comics, so I assume that was the reason for the change. Regarding your opinion of the movie, I agree with everything you said. The last line was very funny. Apparently, Warner Bros has been looking for a way to “reboot” the Batman franchise since last year. It’s been made publicly apparent that Nolan and Bale aren’t coming back for #4, so unless huge sums of money persuade them otherwise (and I really hope that they don’t) WB needs to keep this bonanza going in someway. Is cannabailism the right word for their approach?

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