To Rome, with Spider-Man (Weekly Links)

Eternal Return in the Eternal City: Alec Baldwin and Jesse Eisenberg, mysteriously linked in To Rome, with Love

Links to reviews I wrote for the Herald this week, and etc.

The Amazing Spider-Man. “The kickiness, the oddness, of Raimi’s trilogy has been smoothed over, as though everybody woke up to the thought that a billion-dollar franchise needs to be more professional and less quirky.”

To Rome, with Love. “The soft touch of a master.”

Savages. “A tabloid journalist of a filmmaker.”

El Velador. “There may be a lot of new gravesites, but they are part of an ancient ritual.”

No KUOW this week, because of the July 4th holiday.

At What a Feeling!, the week of 1980s movies concludes with a review of Bill Forsyth’s Comfort and Joy, a lovely film by one of those people who fall into the Greatest Directors Who Only Made a Handful of Movies category.

And Film Comment Online has posted a transcript of Andrew Sarris’s appearance at the Seattle Filmhouse in 1987, which I typed out many, many years ago and never quite got around to publishing. Find a comfortable seat and check it out: part one is here, part two here. There’s also a memory of that visit, here.


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