Movie Diary 7/9/2012

Ice Age: Continental Drift (Steve Martino, Mike Thurmeier, 2012). As giant multi-episode cartoon franchises go, let’s just say this is no Madagascar 3. (full review 6/13)

People Will Talk (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1951). All right, a second viewing confirms it: this is one of the oddest movies ever made. Its subcategory is Complete Misfires That Somehow Seemed to Mean a Lot to Their Directors, with Cary Grant emerging unscathed.

A shout-out and thank you to the Seattle Public Theater for the invitation to see and join in the after-play chat for “Attack of the Killer Murder…Of Death!”, an inspired piece of silliness set amid a low-budget movie production in the 1950s. It’s at the Bathhouse Theater, and you should see it, too.

At What a Feeling!, a twofer of Eighties orphans kicks the week off: a review of Hugh Hudson’s Revolution and Julian Temple’s Absolute Beginners.



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