Movie Diary 8/14/2012

Old Goats ((Taylor Guterson, 2011). Not at all as Hallmarky as it sounds in synoposis, this saga of three elderly gents (played by three non-actors, as characters who share their real names) is agreeably full of salt and vinegar. (full review 8/17)

The Assassination of Trotsky (Joseph Losey, 1972). I’ll say one thing for this movie, it sure looks a lot better on DVD than it did the first time I watched it (16 mm. film? VHS? I don’t remember), and the glimpse-of-eternity passages are very good, even if some other passages are not so good. It certainly deserves better than to be relegated to the “Golden Turkey” awards, or however it was Harry and Michael Medved categorized it back in the day.

At What a Feeling!, re-visit a weekend in June 1986, when the summer doldrums washed up three chintzy offerings on a slow weekend: Never Too Young to Die, Jake Speed, and Code Name: Emerald.


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