Movie Diary 8/27/2012

Side by Side (Christopher Kenneally, 2012). A lucid and ambitious chronicle of how digital killed film, told even-handedly and with a pretty amazing array of the people who would know about this stuff. On the one hand, you’ve got Fincher, Soderbergh, and Lucas huzzahing the revolution; on the other, Christopher Nolan and Vilmos Zgismond sound the cautionary notes – except it isn’t cautionary, it’s a eulogy, ’cause it’s over. By the way, Nolan’s Chips Ahoy analogy is not something I ever thought I’d hear, especially coming from that source. Keanu Reeves makes a good host for the documentary. (full review 8/31)

At What a Feeling!, politics is in the air with a review of Sidney Lumet’s Power, with Richard Gere in the Karl Rove role.


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