Movie Diary 9/25/2012

The Paperboy (Lee Daniels, 2012). A great deal of underwear in this film, a few skinned alligators, and camera angles that appear to have been chosen by computer. Somebody really went all out, that much you can say. (full review 10/12)

Headshot (Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, 2011). The description (a cop is shot in the head, begins to see the world upside-down) promises a different sort of genre experience from what the director of Last Life in the Universe actually delivers. Which is to say, a very slow and contemplative picture. Which is not a bad thing, though I am curious about that genre film that never was. (full review 9/28)

At What a Feeling!, look back at the Eighties with a review of Richard Marquand’s Until September.


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