Fat Cloud Rules (Weekly Links)

Broadbent and Whishaw: Atlas shrugged

Links to reviews I wrote from the Herald, and etc.

Cloud Atlas. “A load of flapdoodle.”

Fat Kid Rules the World. “Nicely immersed in a Seattle music scene.”

War of the Buttons. “Cloying shenanigans.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talked with Steve Scher about three vintage voodoo/zombie movies I cherish: White Zombie, Black Moon, and I Walked with a Zombie. The talk is archived here; maybe you can figure out how to move the cursor ahead to jump to the movie talk.

On the Seattle Channel’s “Art Zone with Nancy Guppy,” I talk Halloween movies with the ineffable “Prof.” Fred Hopkins. TV sked for the upcoming days is here.

At What a Feeling!, we’re also deep into the October country, and round off a week of Eighties horror with a review of Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator.


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