Movie Diary 10/29/2012

Flight (Robert Zemeckis, 2012). One thing Zemeckis will do for Hollywood, he’ll bring back scenes that last more than 60 seconds. He also knows how to crash a freakin’ plane. (full review 11/2)

The Last Flight (William Dieterle, 1931). Coincidence about the titles. This is a Lost Generation picture, with Richard Barthelmess leading a group of haunted wisecrackers through the bistros of Paris after WWI. The story by John Monk Saunders is a bald appropriation of The Sun Also Rises, but the movie’s speed and wit are infectious, even if the second half goes by a little too speedily.

At What a Feeling!, the Halloween mood continues this week with more reviews of 1980s horror pictures. First up: Mary Lambert’s Pet Sematary, not the last Stephen King movie we’ll recall this week.


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