Movie Diary 11/14/2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Bill Condon, 2012). The final chapter was bound to have more oomph that the previous couple-three outings, if only because something had to happen to end all this. And it does. Digital-age thought: between the mercilessly exposed bad make-up and the post-production blurring of facial blemishes, most of the people in this movie appear to have been generated by something other than – to borrow one of the film’s obsession points – human birth. (full review 11/16)

Bestiaire (Denis Coté, 2011). Gazing at animals has become increasingly popular in movies of late, and Coté is better equipped at the style than most; this one is set in a safari park in Quebec, and builds, in its meditative nonverbal way, to a sequence that melds Godard’s Weekend with Life of Pi. (full review 11/16)

At What a Feeling!, buckle up for the ride in Jonathan Demme’s swell 1986 film, Something Wild.


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