Softly Collection (Weekly Links)

Gandolfini consumes everything in front of him: KTS

Gandolfini consumes everything in front of him: KTS

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald, and etc.

Killing Them Softly. “The majesty of an ancient ritual.”

The Collection. “It’s a revolting movie in every detail, all the more so for being made with a certain amount of craft.”

Barrymore. “Total peacock mode.”

On KUOW’s Weekday, I talk with Steve Scher about the dumb new Hitchcock movie, and how film bios have a hard time. The talk is archived here.

The October edition of Framing Pictures is online and viewable, here, at the Seattle Channel’s website. It will also be broadcast tonight at 10 p.m.; schedule here. Subjects include the 100th anniversary of Universal Pictures and the world of digital vs. 35mm.

Now playing at the West of Lenin theater in Fremont: Rosebud: The Lives of Orson Welles, a one-man show on the subject of Welles, written by Mark Jenkins and starring Erik Van Beuzekom. The show’s carried over from a successful run in Port Townsend, WA, reviewed here. I’ll be attending the Saturday night show and participating in some post-performance discussion.

An enterprising filmmaker (and Mill Creek, WA native) named Matt Wilson is holding a Kickstarter campaign for his new project, The Virgins. The guy had to read my reviews in the Herald when he was growing up, so do the right thing and check out his fundraising efforts here.

At What a Feeling!, catch up to the latest 1980s reviews with vintage takes on Graham Baker’s Alien Nation and Richard Attenborough’s Cry Freedom.


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