This is Jack, Barbara (Weekly Links)

Cruise and Duvall: not such a reach

Cruise and Duvall: not such a reach

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald, and etc.

Jack Reacher. “The movie knows what it’s doing.”

This is 40. “Mostly flounders around in the tension between keeping it real and keeping it funny.”

Barbara. “The frigid atmosphere of East Germany wafts through every scene.”

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away. “A greatest-hits cycle.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” it’s our annual discussion of holiday-themed movies and why Holiday Inn describes such a curious business model; plus, some snow movies. It’s archived here.

The opening of the new Museum of History and Industry happens on Dec. 29. I appeared this week on KING-TV’s “New Day NW” to describe the special exhibition, “Celluloid Seattle: A City at the Movies,” for which I act as curator. The segment is here, and will take only six minutes of your day.

I will give a “Curator’s Talk” on January 10 for the MOHAI exhibit. Register for free tickets here.

The week in 1980s movies wraps up with a review of Richard Pryor’s autobiographical disaster, Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling.


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