Ten Best of Promised Miserables Unchained (Weekly Links)

Waltz and Foxx, unchained

Waltz and Foxx: They’ve got spurs that djingle djangle djingle

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald, and much etc.

Django Unchained. “One walks away reeling from the audacity of it all.”

Les Misérables. “An emotional breakdown in almost every song.”

Parental Guidance. “Cranky.”

Promised Land. “The script isn’t able to disguise how thin its actual story is.”

And a Ten Best of 2012, which will also get its own post, to line up with all the other Best of Year lists on this site. Apologies that this one from the Herald eventually arranges itself in a click-click-click slideshow.

Speaking of, the Seattle Channel has posted the 2012 Critics Wrap from earlier this month; it’s about 90 minutes of movie-year conversation between Jim Emerson, Kathleen Murphy, and myself. The program will also be broadcast in the Seattle area (usually channel 21) a number of times over the next week.

The Broadcast Film Critics Association has announced it list of nominees, which you can read here; the winners have yet to be voted on by those of us in the group, but the 18th annual Critics Choice nods will be awarded at the ceremony on January 10th on the CW Network at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

And on KUOW’s “Weekday” this week, I talked with Steve Scher about – whaddya know? – the best movies of 2012. The session is archived here.

And at long last, Seattle’s history museum, the Museum of History and Industry, is re-opening in its new location at South Lake Union. MOHAI’s first Special Exhibit is “Celluloid Seattle: A City at the Movies,” for which I served as curator. The exhibit looks at Seattle as a place imagined by movies, and also the ways Seattle has gone to the movies over the years. The museum opens Saturday December 29. Read more about the exhibit here. I will give a curator’s talk on January 10, more info here. The show plays through September 8, so please join us sometime in the next eight months.



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