Movie Diary 1/2/2013

Brief Encounter (David Lean, 1945). Lean always was good at tiny things, as was Noel Coward, and this movie’s full of them. It is probably lauded for the wrong reasons, but it should be lauded.

The Impossible (Juan Antonio Bayona, 2012). If Mother Nature were as overdetermined as this movie, none of us would have a chance. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor work hard, nevertheless. (full review 1/4)

Francine (Brian M. Cassidy, Melanie Shatzky, 2012). Melissa Leo takes a typically committed plunge into an immersive indie, a study in American miserablism. (full review 1/4)

At What a Feeling!, we resume the trek through Eighties high and low. The New Year’s week begins with a look back at Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah, then on to the ’84 Giorgio Moroder re-scoring of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, and finally to Bob Clark’s Turk 182!