Tabu Effects Up (Weekly Links)

Rooney Mara, the girl with Side Effects

Rooney Mara, the girl with Side Effects

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald and etc.

Side Effects. “Soderbergh’s style is almost willfully impersonal; he’s like an artist who would rather be a technician.”

Tabu. “Curious and unexpectedly intoxicating.”

Identity Thief. “All wrong for comedy.”

56 Up. “They all seem trapped by the process.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Steve Scher about the revival of films by Pierre Étaix at the Northwest Film Forum, the release of Tabu, and assorted events. That’s archived here.

Sunday afternoon, February 10, join me for “The Great Age of Soviet Cinema,” a talk in the Magic Lantern series at the Frye Art Museum; 2 p.m., free. More here.

The “Curator’s Talk” for the “Celluloid Seattle: A City at the Movies” exhibition is being broadcast on Seattle Channel (that’s often channel 21 hereabouts) this weekend, tonight at 9 and Saturday night at 11. Or just watch online, here.

Beginning on March 8 and for four Fridays in total, I will preside over four sessions in an OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute at the UW Educational Outreach program. This is “Caligari’s Children: The Great Age of German Film,” and covers the years 1896-1938; so it ranges across expressionism, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Murnau and Lang, The Blue Angel, the generation of German expatriates, and Hitler and  Leni Riefenstahl. An awesome period. The talks will take place at the Northshore Senior Center in Bothell; more info here.

This week at What a Feeling!, we’ve looked at a bunch of Eighties movies with a Russian connection (you know, because of the upcoming Frye talk), and we round out the week thusly: a twofer review of David Drury’s Defense of the Realm and Andrei Konchalovsky’s Duet for One, and one on Tengiz Abuladze’s Repentance.


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