Movie Diary 2/14/2013

Happy People: A Year in the Taiga (Werner Herzog, Dmitry Vasyukov, 2010). A pre-existing documentary on remotest Siberia is re-edited and narrated by Herzog, whose voice is now liable to attach itself to any topic that drifts across his attention, I suppose. Still, some amazing docu-stuff in here. (full review 2/15)

Let Fury Have the Hour (Antonino D’Ambrosio, 2012). Collage documentary on 80’s-era punk/street poetry/skateboarding (wha?) that seeks to inspire the audience. Some okay anecdotes from the likes of Billy Bragg, Lewis Black, John Sayles, but a bit diffuse. (full review 2/15)

At What a Feeling!, let the 1980s have their hour with vintage reviews of Francis Coppola’s Gardens of Stone and Bob Swaim’s La Balance.


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