Movie Diary 3/5/2013

Lore (Cate Shortland, 2012). The waning days of WWII, seen from the perspective of privileged German kids suddenly left wandering in the dark woods on their way to grandmother’s house. Shortland knows what she’s doing, although it’s possible she’s a little too conscious of that. (full review 3/8)

The Monk (Dominic Moll, 2012). I enjoyed Moll’s Lemming and With a Friend Like Harry… as good genre fun, and this one could’ve used a little more genre and a little more fun. Vincent Cassel is the friar sorely tempted by the devil, in this take on the Gothic novel. (full review 3/8)

Yossi (Eytan Fox, 2012). A ten-years-later update on Yossi & Jagger, a key film in Israeli cinema and the gay-movie circuit. This one grows on you, and the nicely-judged ending makes the whole thing look even better in retrospect. (full review 3/8)


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