Movie Diary 4/9/2013

42 (Brian Helgeland, 2013). The Jackie Robinson story, bandied about for years and curiously unmade; with the biopic template so set, should it really have been this difficult? Helgeland, who’s done interesting work and hasn’t had much of a shot lately, gets some things right here. (full review 4/12)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (Robert Wise, 1951). Teaching a Science Fiction Film class at Seattle U this quarter, so these will be rolling out for a while. Nice moment: the cabinet secretary is in the hospital to visit the alien; in the background of the shot, before entering the room, he puts his hand on the doorknob, pauses, looks back at the doctors in the foreground, then goes in. As one would.

Starbuck (Ken Scott, 2011). Canadian comedy about a man whose 20-year-distant experiences at a sperm bank come back to re-visit him. Somebody was probably thinking of The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek somewhere along the line. (full review 4/12)


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