Movie Diary 4/17/2013

Oblivion (Joseph Kosinski, 2013). Now this is what a sci-fi movie should look like. And by the way, that fellow Tom Cruise gives one of his best performances in the process. (full review 4/19)

Forbidden Planet (Henry Wilcox, 1956).  Now this is what a sci-fi movie should look like. You have to dig the combination of elements: awesome design, stodgy pace, workmanlike filmmaker, oddball Freudian twists, all piling together to make something really memorable. 

Antiviral (Brandon Cronenberg, 2012). Now this is what – you get the drift. The son of David Cronenberg has made a scathing little opus here, equipped with some wicked ideas if not a great deal of what might be termed “entertainment value.” (full review 4/19)

Arthur Newman (Dante Ariola, 2012). Colin Firth drops out of life with a new assumed identity, a tantalizing idea that settles a little too easily for couple-on-a-fling hijinks; Emily Blunt occupies the other side of the couple. (full review 4/26)

Thursday evening at 7, join former Film Comment editor Richard T. Jameson and me as we talk about Seattle’s history as an arthouse town. It’s a free event as part of the Museum of History and Industry’s “History Cafe” series, and is a tie-in with the museum’s “Celluloid Seattle: A City at the Movies” exhibit, which I curated. Info here.


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