Movie Diary 4/30/2013

The Undercover Man (Joseph H. Lewis, 1949). For the first time in my life, I’m living in a place with Turner Classic Movies. All you need is a wife who will threaten the cable company, and just like that, they can suddenly hook you up with the one channel you actually want, instead of the 500 you don’t care about. This is Glenn Ford as a T-man (he rarely seems all that undercover), directed by Lewis a year before the director’s Gun Crazy. The story isn’t very interesting, but Lewis gets as much dynamic going as he can.


2 Responses

  1. TCM is the best. I have no time to watch anything right now, mind you, but I just recorded “The Undercover Man” and the original version of “Black Lizard” (yes, there were TWO versions of that bizarre Japanese thriller about a drag queen criminal mastermind). Maybe when SIFF is over…=

  2. PS: The entire silent serial “Judex” by Louis Feuillaude plays over the next three Sunday nights on TCM

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