In the House, Into Darkness (Weekly Links)

Quinto-Cumberbatch-Pine; make of that what you will.

Quinto-Cumberbatch-Pine; make of that what you will.

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald, and etc.

Star Trek Into Darkness. “Maybe the next one could forget the catchphrases and the hyperlinks back to Star Trek history.”

In the House. “Ozon’s films tend to balance the sinister and the silly in gratifying measures, and he’s really on his game here.”

The Iceman. “A dreary wallow in the mire.”

Graceland. “Morales spares us nothing in pushing this corkscrewed story through its tight 83 minutes.”

A “What I’m Looking Forward To” piece on the Seattle International Film Festival.

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Marcie Sillman about what I’m looking forward to at SIFF. It’s archived here.

Today at 5 p.m. at the Northwest Film Forum, join the critics of Framing Pictures for another conversation about movies. Today’s panel will sort through the Baz Luhrmann update of The Great Gatsby, an exciting new TV series, and some SIFF-talk. Check our Facebook page for more.

Last month’s “History Cafe” session at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry is now online. I talk with longtime Seattle do-everything film critic/editor/teacher/programmer Richard T. Jameson about some of the roots of the city’s movie arthouse scene; check out the conversation here.

And the exhibit I curated for MOHAI, “Celluloid Seattle,” is still up and running. The website is here; you can read an appreciation of the exhibit from City Arts magazine here.


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