Movie Diary 6/18/2013

Before Midnight (Richard Linklater, 2013). Saw this in the Egyptian theater, the anchor of the Seattle International Film Festival since the early 1980s. The place is going to close in a few days, which really is a drag. Same theater where I saw Linklater’s Slacker at a 10 a.m. screening at SIFF, before it had a distributor. This new Linklater is also very fine, but it made for a doubly melancholic evening.

World War Z (Marc Forster, 2013). It’s better than you think it is. (full review 6/21)


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  1. I went to the Egyptian last night. I took a lot of pictures, as did many people who were in the audience. I tried to commit to memory the popcorn/carpet/old building smell, the red tinged darkness, the winding, muffled ramps to the theatre, the wacky dips in the floor. There are so many dark storage corners in that place–why hold onto a lobby display of SUNSHINE CLEANERS? Why not?

    The vast theatre was not crowded, as it usually is for a non-SIFF screening. While I didn’t see BEFORE SUNRISE there, I think I did see BEFORE SUNSET with the festival crowd. As the movie started up, I was reminded of how specific films sound in that space. Will I remember that weird echo you hear when a movie is running and the theatre is empty?

    Other fond memories are THE MODERNS (my first SIFF screening). A midnight screening of THE PIANO (stumbling out of the theatre after 2am onto Pine Street after that last shot was quite a trip.) TRAINSPOTTING on a 95 degree summer day pre-airconditioning install. Jumping out of my skin while sitting next to Andy Wright at AUDITION. Countless SIFF press screenings where I tried to gently ask at people to stop rustling their lunch wrappers and stop snoring. Filming Spike Lee there for the Seattle Channel. Premiering the Fly Films the year I was asked to do one. And the infamous festival after-parties…

    Sometimes the place you see the films is as memorable as the films themselves. The Egyptian was certainly one of those places.

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