Movie Diary 7/29/2013

We’re the Millers (Rawson Marshall Thurber, 2013). I’ve been out of town for a month, so this is my first screening in a while, one of those things with lots of giveaway tickets to pad the house. Two guys walk up the aisle and as they come within earshot, one of them speaks. “Is Horton still covering these for the Herald?” he asks. “Yeah,” says his friend. “Everybody hates him.” Good to be back on the job, “everybody,” good to be back on the job. (full review 8/7)

Not Fade Away (David Chase, 2012); The Guilt Trip (Anne Fletcher, 2012); Mama (Andrés Muschietti, 2013); Admission (Paul Weitz, 2013). You can catch up on a lot of missed movies when you take a long flight. Not Fade Away is the best of the batch, and the worst marketed, its invisibility perhaps explained by the fact that people had stopped working in this 60s coming-of-age genre years ago – still, a nice picture, with a typically precise James Gandolfini performance. Otherwise, it’s very mild material for Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, a surprisingly deft Streisand, and far too many palm-to-forehead plot contrivances for the del Toro-produced horror movie. They sure passed the time.


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