Movie Diary 9/9/2013

Grey Gardens (David and Albert Maysles, 1975). I am on the side that finds the movie exploitative and super-creepy, if unavoidable because of its place in a certain level of camp culture. I am making some early effort on behalf of an upcoming class on Cult Films.

The Ring (Alfred Hitchcock, 1927). He may not have been fully Hitchcock yet, but there is ample evidence here of a precise young talent. The movie is a boxing picture with a triangle: two fighters and a starstruck woman. It may be a triangle, but everything else is rings. The movie’s full of ’em.

Paradise: Faith (Ulrich Seidl, 2012). The middle section of Seidl’s Paradise trio, and quite an exercise in the miserable – as though to out-do countryman Michael Haneke. The central character is a religious fanatic (hardcore Catholic sect) who totes around a two-foot Virgin Mary figure like an imaginary offspring as she goes doorbelling on behalf of her faith. These daft sessions are interrupted by domestic horrors, framed in Seidl’s cruelly symmetrical compositions. (full review 9/13)


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