We Are Captain Tomorrow (Weekly Links)

Tom Hanks, at the helm of Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks, at the helm of Captain Phillips

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Captain Phillips. “A tight-wound suspense picture, but it rejects easy hero-vs.-villain button-pushing.”

We Are What We Are. “Finds a groove between arty horror and throttle-out craziness.”

Escape from Tomorrow. “The nightmare that unfolds has more to do with a general human tendency to retreat into fantasyland than a slam on Walt Disney.”

Romeo and Juliet. “The two performers are either not quite up to the Shakespearian challenge or ill-served by their director.”

The Celluloid Seattle: A City at the Movies exhibit at the Museum of History & Industry gets a look from KING-TV’s “Evening Magazine,” hitting some highlights and gazing upon Scorchy. It’s online here.

Sunday October 13, join me at the Frye Art Museum for a free screening of Agnes Varda’s The Gleaners and I (2000), a program in the Magic Lantern series. That’s at 2 p.m.; more info here.

Monday October 14, I’ll give a talk called “Hope in Hard Times,” a look at 1930s Hollywood films that caught a radical tinge in response to the Depression. That’s at 7 p.m. at the Burien Little Theater; check the info here.

Wednesday, October 16, join me for “End of the Trail: How the Western Movie Rode Into the Sunset,” a talk in the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau series. That’s presented by the Snohomish County Arts Commission, 7 p.m., at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA. More info here. The Herald has details, too, here.



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