Movie Diary 10/13/2013

The Gleaners and I (Agnes Varda, 2000). A re-visit to this documentary confirms that Varda is right on her game. The mix of whimsy and rigor doesn’t come to everybody, but she gets it cold.

The Birth of the Living Dead (Rob Kuhns, 2013). Brief but pungent account of the making of George Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead, with lots of expertly-told anecdotes from the man himself. (full review 10/18)

Withnail and I (Bruce Robinson, 1987). This film left a rather strong impression on me during its initial release. Seeing it again proves why it became a culty film in the era of the repeatable experience, especially with the hugely eccentric dialogue and performances.

And hey, Monday night? Come down to the Little Theater in Burien, WA, for a talk called “Hope in Hard Times,” in which I look at 1930s Hollywood films that caught a radical tinge in response to the Depression. That’s at 7 p.m.; check the info here.


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