Movie Diary 10/30/2013

Münchhausen (Josef von Báky, 1943). Produced in WWII Germany to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ufa, this full-color extravaganza is teeming with weirdness, It’s cool to look at, but the wit is pretty witless, and the swagger off-putting. Goebbels suggested the project.

The Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973). By comparison to Münchhausen, this legendarily bizarre film begins to look almost normal. Jodorowsky’s follow-up to El Topo is off the rails from its earliest moments, and indeed its earliest moments are among its best; toward the end you get the feeling Jodorowsky actually has something he wants to say. When your notes on a movie include phrases like, “of course the old pedophile takes his glass eye out,” it’s a fair bet the film is by Jodorowsky.


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