Movie Diary 11/4/2013

Die Nibelungen (Fritz Lang, 1924). This is a new and improved version from the one that went around on 16 mm. thirty years ago, that’s for sure. The image looks cleaner, and the music (a re-do of the original score prepared for the silent) is much better. The film itself is astonishing – it nails the epic scope and the multitude of detail, but it’s also about how people inhabit space, and how much that matters in creating a world, a system. I guess the movie’s considered a classic, but it still seems underrated.

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (Sophie Huber, 2013). “Impressionistic” is what they call your documentary when the subject repeatedly tells you he does not want to talk about himself, and you must think of another way to go. Luckily, Harry Dean likes to sing, and there’s a lot of music in this movie, along with amusing drop-ins from David Lynch, Debbie Harry, and Kris Kristofferson. (full review 11/8)


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