Movie Diary 12/16/2013

Grudge Match (Peter Segal, 2013). De Niro and Stallone facing off as oldsters in a boxing match, and the movie doesn’t even use old footage, Limey-style, from Raging Bull and Rocky? Odd. Segal directed Get Smart and Anger Management, and that is good to remember if you’re thinking about seeing this. (full review 12/25)

Walking with Dinosaurs (Barry Cook, Neil Nightingale, 2013). Absolutely seamless digital dinos and real locations, so there’s a dream accomplished there. I will now inform you that the dinosaurs talk. (full review 12/20)

The Square (Jehane Noujaim, 2013). Ground-level documentary about the various waves of revolution in Cairo, with compelling personalities and good info on the different factions involved (the American media might like to know that not all Egyptian Muslims are enamored of the Muslim Brotherhood).

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (Fielder Cook, 1971). It had been a while. Lost none of its magic. People might have an idea of the “Waltons” TV series that came out of this TV-movie, but this is a really special film.


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