Inside Hustle Continues (Weekly Links)

Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake: folkies in space, in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake: folkies in space, in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Inside Llewyn Davis. “This one’s got their usual sarcasm and flinty edges, but it’s got sadness, too.”

American Hustle. “If this isn’t a great movie – and it’s not – it sure is a fireworks display, designed to make an immediate and dazzling impression.”

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. “Ferrell and director Adam McKay pushing comedy past its limits even if it doesn’t seem to be clicking all that well, in the hopes that the pushing itself becomes the point.”

Walking with Dinosaurs. “Includes gags about the tiny arms of the T-Rex and the copiousness of dinosaur poop – although, to be fair, both of those examples are historically accurate.”

Tonight, Dec. 20, join the members of Framing Pictures for a discussion at the Northwest Film Forum at 6 p.m. (yes, that’s a much-more-reasonable hour-later start time). We’ll talk about the things we most valued during the last year. And it’s free! I’ll join a group that includes Richard T. Jameson, Kathleen Murphy, and Bruce Reid; check our Facebook page, too.

Thanks to all who made last night’s Ninth Annual Critics Wrap at the Frye Art Museum a success: Frye staff; panelists Jim Emerson, Kathleen Murphy, and Andrew Wright; and our audience. A great evening all around.

Year-end listies I voted in: Film Comment has its best-of poll listed here. Indiewire’s accounting is here. And the Broadcast Film Critics have nominations announced before their final votes are taken in January, here; indeed, you can cast a vote in BFCA’s poll, at least in one category, right here.


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