Movie Diary 1/6/2014

Enter the Dragon (Robert Clouse, 1973). A refresher for an upcoming Cult Films class. Bruce Lee still rules, but you knew that.

Faust (Alexander Sokurov, 2011). It’s the final segment of Sokurov’s tetralogy of power, but not much like the stately films that preceded it; this one is busy, fluid, even wacky-funny at times. (The amazing cinematographer is Inside Llewyn Davis photog Bruno Delbonnel.) And am I wrong, or is the spirit of Herzog’s special leading man Bruno S. hovering around the delirious edges of this movie? (full review 1/8)

Go for Sisters (John Sayles, 2013). The performances of LisaGay Hamilton, Edward James Olmos, and Yolonda Ross would be reason enough to check out this border tale, but there are other good things happening – the plot turns may be implausible, but it’s actually good to see Sayles’ social concerns married to a genre story again. (full review 1/8)


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