Non-Stop Oscars (Weekly Links)

Neeson, killing it with his thumbs: Non-Stop

Neeson, killing it with his thumbs: Non-Stop

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald and Seattle Weekly.

Non-Stop. “If I’m on a flight and bad stuff is going down, I want Liam Neeson there.”

Omar. “Significantly less daring than Paradise Now.”

Some Oscar predictions for the Herald, here.

Join the panelists of Framing Pictures for a special pre-Oscar gabfest at 5 p.m., Friday February 28 at the Northwest Film Forum. Follow our Facebook page for more info – the event is free.

Movie MashupThursday March 6, join me in Langley, Whidbey Island, WA, for “The Movie Mashup: Wild Literary Adaptations on Film,” a look at some of the kookier ways movies have treated original texts: how The Odyssey became O Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Tempest turned into Forbidden Planet – that kind of thing. In the meantime, we’ll think about how movies differ from literature, always a rich subject. This is at 6:30, Langley Library, and it’s free. More here.

Steve Scher and I used to talk on the radio; now we podcast. And in this installment of the Overlook, we sift through the Oscar nominations – what else? Check in here.

If that’s not enough Oscar-pondering, check in to the Mark Rahner Show on KIRO radio on Saturday afternoon at 2, where I will join the esteemed host for more Academy-inspired conversation.



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