Movie Diary 3/26/2014

Noah (Darren Aronofsky, 2014). How dare they mess with the absolutely true story of the historical figure who walked every kind of animal on Earth into a giant ark for a flood that covered the globe? Hollyweird vs. America, man. So actually Aronofsky has a specific twist to the tale that appears to be the main reason to make the film, but – big spoiler, so can’t really get into it. (full review 3/28)

Locke (Steven Wright, 2013). A close-quarters movie: Dude drives for 90 minutes into London, talking on the phone about a variety of critical situations blowing up at the same moment. Things to debate here, but Tom Hardy is fascinating as the only onscreen actor. (full review 5/?)

Sabotage (David Ayer, 2014). A movie in which Olivia Williams looks at Arnold Schwarzenegger and says, “Stop being such a girl,” cannot be all bad. And this isn’t. (full review 3/28)


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