Movie Diary 6/4/2014

The Trip to Italy (Michael Winterbottom, 2014). Might even be a little more consistently lively than The Trip. This time Steve Coogan takes a curiously secondary role (is he trying to soften his public profile?), which allows more room for Rob Brydon to unleash his skills. High point: a trip to Pompeii, and speculation on the dead.

The Fault in Our Stars (Josh Boone, 2014). Manages to find more interesting moments than you’d think from a big Hollywood film about teenagers with cancer. (full review 6/6)

New Jack City (Mario van Peebles, 1991). Never thought I’d revisit this movie, and if it’s not exactly good it does capture a moment (and calls out certain 1980s U.S. presidents by name). Wesley Snipes is in full youthful bloom here – he’s been missed.

What is Cinema? (Chuck Workman, 2014). Interviews and clips (and music – after all these years, Bernard Herrmann just keeps on giving). Workman emphasizes the world of the experimental film here, almost as a kind of corrective to his gloriously romantic Precious Images and its rapid-fire evocation of movie magic. Played in the Seattle International Film Festival.


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