Movie Diary 6/23/2014

The Sacrament (Ti West, 2013). A Jonestown-like compound gets the found-footage treatment. There must be a twist in here somewhere, but the funny thing is, there isn’t. It plays as though the Jonestown disaster is probably unknown to the target audience, and therefore all this will have a new kind of resonance. (full review 6/27)

A Coffee in Berlin (Jan Ole Gerster, 2013). Big German hit from last year, a slacker comedy in black and white. Not exactly new, but there are some funny moments. (full review 6/27)

Witness to Murder (Roy Rowland, 1954). Barbara Stanwyck, in jeopardy. A well-tuned suspense picture with strong affinities to Rear Window, and some good collateral value as a 50s-in-America artifact.

Highly Dangerous (Roy Ward Baker, 1950) ; Carve Her Name with Pride (Lewis Gilbert, 1958). Accidental pairing, but both movies are about British women unexpectedly thrust into espionage. And both good, even if the former goes for a comic mode.


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