Movie Diary 8/25/2014

The Identical (Dustin Marcellino, 2014). You ever wonder about what might’ve happened to Elvis’s twin brother if he’d survived? There’s a cool movie to be made out of that, and then there’s this one. Debut leading man Blake  Rayne, an actual Elvis impersonator, turns out to be an unexpectedly appealing presence. It is daft. (full review 9/12)

The November Man (Roger Donaldson, 2014). Pierce Brosnan in the spy togs again – and even the lousy dialogue here can’t entirely dampen the genre pleasures to be had. (full review 8/29)

A Five Star Life (Maria Sole Tognazzi, 2013). This one looks like it’ll be the usual scenic crowd-hugging tale of redemption and all that. Thankfully – while the eye candy is in place – it isn’t that. (full review 8/29)

Moebius (Kim Ki-duk, 2013). The horrors pile up rapidly in Kim’s story of a messed-up family and its multiple castrations. Things get more severe from there. (full review 8/29)

Ladies Should Listen (Frank Tuttle, 1934). Cary Grant in a stagy farce – not quite himself yet, but still fun to watch. As is this clumsy movie, which floats on a cloud of untethered silliness.

Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski, 1968). Vodka blush. Chocolate mouse. Is God Dead? All that and so much more, extended here.


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