Movie Diary 9/29/2014

Gone Girl (David Fincher, 2014). I am proof that you can remain outside a cultural phenomenon until the movie comes out, yet form an impression anyway – which might turn out to be completely false. Maybe that’s why the tone and approach of Fincher’s adaptation really threw me. (full review 10/3)

Kelly & Cal (Jen McGowan, 2014). Juliette Lewis as a former riot grrrl, now in the suburbs. The casting makes sense, and that’s about the extent of it. (full review 10/3)

The Liberator (Alberto Alvero, 2013). Dutiful epic of the life of Simon Bolivar, suitable for classrooms as soon as they cut the nude scenes out. At least Edgar Ramirez is in there. (full review 10/3)

The Gun Runners (Don Siegel, 1958). Adaptation of Hemingway (go-round #3 for To Have and Have Not), with Audie Murphy in the Bogart role and the action updated to Cuban Revolutionary times. Nice example of a low-budget picture, robustly mounted by Siegel with a decent supporting cast and Key West locations.


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