Movie Diary 10/6/2014

The Judge (David Dobkin, 2014). Robert Downey, Jr., is a hotshot lawyer come home to defend dad Robert Duvall in a small-town murder case. The early reaction to this prestige offering was dismissive, but there’s a little more spikiness than you might expect, and Downey is peppy. (full review 10/10)

Psycho II (Richard Franklin, 1983); Psycho III (Anthony Perkins, 1986). First time re-visiting these sequels since their debuts. Perkins is an amazing presence. I’m prepping a talk in the Frye Art Museum’s Magic Lantern series, a look at the long shadow of Psycho and how it has been replicated.

Homicidal (William Castle, 1961). Distinct Psycho echoes notwithstanding, this is one weird movie. It is also a film in which the characters say each others’ names incessantly.

The Zero Theorem (Terry Gilliam, 2014). Lots of signature Gilliam material, and a definite bonus in the figure of Christoph Waltz. (full review 10/10)

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Miguel Arteta, 2014). Kid-book adaptation, with the right take on things but maybe not enough Arteta personality in it. (full review 10/10)


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