Movie Diary 10/27/2014

Thanks to the Elliott Bay Book Co. for a great (and stormy) evening Saturday night, as I read from my Frankenstein book. The store has a bunch of autographed copies on the shelf, so please run down and thin the ranks.

photo (8)

The Phantom of the Opera (Rupert Julian, 1925). The horror classic remains snappy, with Lon Chaney creating a persuasive villain despite having his face covered for half his performance. Nice 35 mm. show at the Paramount Theatre.

The Theory of Everything (James Marsh, 2014). The life and loves of Stephen Hawking, as directed by the guy who made Wisconsin Death Trip. Hmm. Eddie Redmayne stars, with Felicity Jones, and not too many surprises. (full review 11/14)

Young Ones (Jake Paltrow, 2014). Future dystopia, but a bit of a Western, too. Three former child stars – Nicholas Hoult, Elle Fanning, and Kodi Smit-McPhee – navigate the uneven but not entirely unintriguing scenario. (full review 10/31)

My Gun Is Quick (Phil Victor and George White, 1957). A Mike Hammer picture, with Robert Bray in the role. Physically, he’s got the goods; acting-wise, maybe not as much. Weird movie, incompetent but kind of jazzy, too.

Mad Love (Karl Freund, 1935). Peter Lorre in signature strangeness as the brilliant surgeon who will replace pianist Colin Clive’s crushed hands with those of a murderer, and try to convince Frances Drake she should love his crazy bald self.


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