Movie Diary 11/4/2014

Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014). Nolan is very good with concepts, although other stuff – ideas, for instance – can cause trouble. When this movie’s in space, it’s really pretty cool, and the reach is admirable. Might be just a bit out of control, though. (full review 11/5)

Big Hero 6 (Don Hall, Chris Williams, 2014). There may or may not be an embargo in effect. Please act accordingly. (full review 11/7)

Diplomacy (Volker Schlondorff, 2014). In the waning days of the German occupation of Paris, Swedish diplomat Raoul Nordling (Andre Dussollier) and military governor Dietrich von Choltitz (Niels Arestrup) meet to discuss whether the city’s going to be flattened by the retreating Nazis. It didn’t really happen quite like this, but one recognizes the dramatic possibilities. (full review 11/7)

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter (Dana Brown, 2014). Motorcycle footage from the son of Bruce Brown, director of the Steve McQueen original. It’s what you think it is, but some of the stunts are insane. Evel Knievel, you left us too soon. (full review 11/7)

The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock, 1963). Still an eerie experience.

The Body Snatcher (Robert Wise, 1945). First time seeing this in a long time. Other than being a smart, spooky movie, the thing gives you ample opportunity to appreciate how crafty Boris Karloff could be when given some running room.


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