Movie Diary 1/19/2015

Song One (Kate Barker-Froyland, 2014). Anne Hathaway in a micro-musical, with a grungy folksinger and a brother in a coma. Jonathan Demme produced. (full review 1/23).

Beloved Sisters (Dominik Graf, 2014). Near-three-hour German costume drama, with a structural device that suggests Graf is a big fan of Two English Girls. Which is something in his favor. The late-18th-century story’s about Schiller and his wife and her worldly sister, with the strong suggestion that he enjoyed both women a great deal. Then he wrote the Ode to Joy – I kid. (full review 1/23)

Bride of Frankenstein (James Whale, 1935). Hey all, I’m going to be doing some Frankenstein-related stuff this weekend at SIFF: Intro’ing a double bill of the two James Whale-directed pictures, and then going step-by-step through Bride on Saturday afternoon. Read more here.


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