Movie Diary 2/23/2015

Song of the Sea (Tomm Moore, 2014). One of this year’s Oscar nominees from the Feature Animation category, and the follow-up from the studio that did Secret of the Kells. Gorgeous animation, but I can’t shake the feeling these guys are insisting on how valuable their stories are to the cultural literacy of the next generation, and all that. Sometimes you just want Bugs Bunny to come tearing through the place. (full review 2/25)

A Fuller Life (Samantha Fuller, 2013). Is Sam Fuller’s cult/auteur star fading in recent years? His survivors are reluctant to let that happen, so here’s his daughter pasting together an affectionate tribute to a one-of-a-kind man. The words are Fuller’s, taken from his posthumously-published memoir A Third Face, and read by a quirkily-chosen gallery of colleagues (including a good section of the main cast of The Big Red One – and the awesome Constance Towers). There’s also 16 mm. footage Fuller shot while he was part of the 1st Infantry Division. I hope this documentary makes a lot of unsuspecting people go straight to the movies. (full review 2/25)


One Response

  1. I loved Song of the Sea. I sat in the theater absorbing it all in. It made me cry when reviewing it on youtube. It was just so perfect. It made me think of my cousin’s funeral when her little boy talked about his mother.

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