Movie Diary 4/21/2015

The Edge of the World (Michael Powell, 1937). Back in the old times – not in the 1930s, but far enough back for 16 mm. to still be a “platform” for exhibition – I think the Seattle Film Society might have had the local premiere of this. That’s a long time to go between viewings, but what a film. A haunting experience, with more than a touch of folklore and fairy tale contained within its drama and documentary aspects. Shot on the island of Foula. Eh, how do you get there, exactly?


One Response

  1. Yep, SFS showed this. Just to keep faith with Welles centenary mode, I remind you that this was one of the programs promoted on the flyer dominated by O.W. in “F for Fake” getup, appearing to voice the line “We will show no film before its time….”

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